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The Covid Disability Archive

This is the Covid Disability Archive. We are now beginning to upload submissions to the …

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149 Covid vaccine – My experience! (AstraZeneca, first dose)


May 7, 2021health-and-sciencewritten-word
181 Appreciate the Little Things, Indoxity
March 21, 2021health-and-scienceimage
179 Getting My Microchip Updated, Shannon (Indoxity)
March 20, 2021health-and-scienceimage
178 Healthcare is Political, Sophie Buck
, January 1, 2021activism-and-accessibility health-and-scienceimage
148 I have ME


November 15, 2020health-and-sciencewritten-word
147 On being a chronically ill photographer


, July 15, 2020health-and-science media-and-artswritten-word
119 Coronavirus Experts Zine

In March 2020 a lot of people had a shock when the UK went into …

July 1, 2020health-and-scienceimage
150 American Assault

CW BLOOD, IMAGES OF INJURY I wrote a book, American Assault, during this pandemic about …

, July 1, 2020health-and-science media-and-artswritten-word
110 Focus on the Frontlines Leaves Behind the Disabled

“A published article about being a physician as well as a patient with a disability …

May 23, 2020health-and-sciencewritten-word
198 We should all be allowed to say “this is really hard”, BBC Ouch

Lack of exercise and support causes Kate physical pain. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08c0h8c

, May 1, 2020health-and-science home-familyaudio
197 ‘I returned to nursing the day the pandemic was declared’, BBC Ouch

Twelve years after being sectioned, Hannah chose a tough time to return to nursing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08bv1y8

, April 29, 2020health-and-science home-familyaudio
196 I feel a lot of pressure to keep Holly alive, BBC Ouch

Kate’s isolation diary continues with guilt, DIY and picky eating. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08bdscg

, April 24, 2020health-and-science home-familyaudio
194 It would be tempting fate to pack a hospital bag, BBC Ouch

Isolation is … DIY haircuts, NHS texts and CBeebies. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p089swm7

, April 17, 2020health-and-science home-familyaudio