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The dead, The isolated, The ignored

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What is the archive?

The Covid Disability Archive is an online archive which can be referenced by historians and researchers now and in the future to fully understand and appreciate the impact of the pandemic on Disabled people, and to ensure we are not forgotten.


What will I find in it?

Submissions from Disabled people, ranging from memorials, art, screenshots, texts and letters, to videos, writing, memes, news stories and social media posts.

Can I submit something?

The archive needs submissions from the public of any type from anywhere in the world, from the scribbled note to the magmun opus. The junk mail through your door to the months long painting project.

Covid Disability Archive

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Covid Disability Archive

Want to add to the archive?

You can submit anything by either clicking here, or emailing CovidDisabilityArchive@gmail.com

The Beginning

How was the archive started?

In July 2020, we had an idea to start an archive, because no-one else was going to. It started with an email address, and soon we were receiving hundreds of submissions.


The Future

How will it carry on?

We know that some people will only find about this archive later on, so we will continually add new submissions to the collection, as and when we receive them for as long as we get sent them.


The Archive

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Our community have generously submitted every item in the collection to document the pandemic for both the future and current generations who would otherwise have no source for this knowledge.