Core Offerings of Massachusetts Video Production

End to End Video Production

Massachusetts Video Production offers comprehensive end-to-end video production services, from concept development and scripting to filming, editing, and final delivery, ensuring a seamless and professional video production

3D Animation

Massachusetts Video Production offers cutting-edge 3D animation services, crafting immersive visuals for diverse industries. Our skilled team transforms concepts into captivating animations, elevating storytelling and branding.

Drone Cinematography

Massachusetts Video Production offers breathtaking drone cinematography services, capturing stunning aerial footage for your projects. Elevate your storytelling with our skilled drone operators and cutting-edge technology.

Sound Design

Massachusetts Video Production offers top-tier sound design services, creating immersive audio experiences for films, commercials, and multimedia projects. Our expert team ensures crystal-clear sound quality and seamless integration.

Video Editing

Massachusetts Video Production offers professional video editing services. Our team utilizes cutting-edge software to enhance your footage, ensuring a polished final product that captivates your audience. Elevate your content with us!

Live Production

Massachusetts Video Production offers top-tier Live Production services, delivering seamless, high-quality broadcasts for events, conferences, and entertainment, with cutting-edge technology and expert teams.

Motion Graphics

Massachusetts Video Production offers captivating Motion Graphics services, bringing your content to life with dynamic visuals, seamless animations, and engaging design. Elevate your message with our expertise.


Massachusetts Video Production offers expert photography services, capturing moments with precision and creativity. From product videos to corporate portraits, we bring your vision to life through stunning imagery.

The best Video production company in Boston and Massachusetts

MA Video Productions: Excellence Unveiled

Capturing moments, telling stories. MA Video Productions brings your vision to life with professional videography and editing services.

  • 2019
    Freckle Films
    Video Production for an American television company
  • 2020
    Tech Sector Animated Explainer for FitRankings Enterprise
  • 2021
    Hinckley Yachts
    Brand Marketing Series The Hinckley Way
  • 2022
    Procter & Gamble
    Corporate Video ideas summit
  • 2023
    College Sailing Nationals
    Live Broadcast Production Streaming 9 days of national championship
Video Production
Drone Cinematography
3D Animation
Live Production
Video Editing
Motion Graphics
Sound Design
  • Dave Perry
    I was thoroughly delighted with the excellence of their work, their amiable engagement with the sailors, and the display of professionalism.
    Dave Perry
    US Sailing
  • Mitch Brindley
    I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism, integrity, and high-quality content provided by MA Video Productions.
    Mitch Brindley
    College Sailing
  • Iron Mountain
  • Wayfair
  • World Sailing
  • Hinckley
  • Fit Rankings

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