Documenting the Disabled experience of the Pandemic

An archive to preserve the lives and experiences of people who are Disabled, sick, chronically ill, mentally ill, neurodiverse, D/deaf, blind or have any other form of impairment or long term condition, including Long Covid.

Disabled people have been the hardest hit⁣⁣⁣ by Covid-19.

At least 50% of deaths have been amongst disabled people⁣⁣⁣.

Many haven’t left their homes since March⁣⁣⁣.

Our lives have not been considered when reopening society⁣⁣⁣.

‘Just lock away the vulnerable’⁣⁣⁣.

And every day we hear that those we have lost being justified 

because ‘they had pre-existing conditions’.

A dark skinned wheelchair user with long hair and a beanie sits at a small table, using their laptop to participate in a video meeting. The laptop screen is shown to their right, with the call being live captioned. The main speaker is a dark skinned person wearing a hijab and glasses, and 3 other participants are at the bottom of the screen, in smaller windows. In the bottom right corner, a yellow service dog bounds towards the wheelchair user.
Dana Chan for Disabled And Here

The Covid Disability Archive is launching, and needs submissions from the public to show the realities of how the Coronavirus Pandemic has uniquely affected the Disabled community.

A bright modern looking archive and library

Anything can be submitted, memorials, art, screenshots, texts, letters, videos, writing, memes, news stories, social media posts. Anything that illustrates your experience as a Disabled/chronically ill person during this time. 

Even if it seems mundane. 

Especially if it seems mundane.

These will be part of an online, easily accessible archive which can be referenced by historians and researchers in the future, or present, to fully understand and appreciate the impact the decisions made had on Disabled people and to ensure we are not forgotten.

Submissions can be anything, memorials for lost loved ones, art you’ve created during lockdowns, screenshots of video calls, letters delaying medical treatment, news items and anything else you can think of.⁣⁣⁣

⁣There are no limits on the number of submissions.

Grant Winner. Awesome Foundation.

Supported by a grant from The Awesome Foundation

Ensure our stories are remembered.

The dead, the isolated, the ignored.